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Using powerful modern printers and up-to-date technology, we provide a first-class fabric-printing service. Logos, photographic images, hand-drawn designs … we can print anything onto most types of fabric with multiple printing processes including – Screen Printing , Vinyl Printing and Digital Printing.

Screen Printing is a very old printing technique, still recognised today as an effective and economical method of transferring images to fabric. Screen Printing is ideal for large runs of multicolour or single colour designs. The high quality print can last for years.


Vinyl Printing is ideal for workwear and/or short runs of single colour or multicolour prints. Vinyl printing is very hard wearing.


Digital printing produces a high-resolution, detailed image that is soft to touch and lasts well through wear and washing. Cotton is the preferred material for this method of printing, and the tighter the weave of the fabric, the better the results. Digital printing has the advantage of minimal set-up fees.


You may prefer to supply your own garments. Alternatively, we can offer a wide range of clothing, including shirts and blouses, high visibility jackets and trousers, T-shirts, polo shirts, fleeces, and caps.


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