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Contact us now for your Workwear uniform.

We can transform your staff’s work clothing into professional-looking uniforms featuring your business logo, and we can personalise these uniforms for individuals. Provide us with your image, and we will transfer it to your garments by means of digital printing, screen-printing, or embroidery.

We can offer a wide range of clothing for:


  • Trades – T-shirts, fleeces, overalls, and high-visibility clothing
  • Salon and healthcare – tunics, dresses and jackets
  • Catering – whites, aprons, overalls, and caps
  • Office and reception – blouses, shirts, jackets, and ties

Or you can provide your own clothing.


There are advantages to issuing your staff with work uniforms:


  • Promotion of company brand
  • Fostering of team spirit
  • Free advertising (staff are ‘walking billboards’)
  • Creation of trusting relationships with clients




For further information, call us now on 01508 531004

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